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Quick Sketch: Hisako by SlvrNightX
Quick Sketch: Hisako
I’ve been excited for Hisako ever since she was first unveiled for Killer Instinct. Really love her design and her gameplay looks really neat. So, since she comes out in Killer Instinct today (for you lucky Ultra Edition people) I decided to do a quick picture of her.

Now I'll sit here and wait another five days so I can play as her.
Quick Sketch: Jeanne by SlvrNightX
Quick Sketch: Jeanne
A relatively fast sketch I did of Jeanne from Bayonetta 2 a few days ago. Figured I may as well add it here to help keep activity up.
Bayonetta (Luka Variant) by SlvrNightX
Bayonetta (Luka Variant)

Long story short. Friend let me borrow his Wii U. Got me Bayonetta 2 for Christmas. I played it and loved it. When I saw Luka’s new outfit when he appeared, one of the things I thought of was “Holy crap that’s stylish. I would love to play with an outfit similar to that for Bayonetta.”

Thus, this came about from that. I made some slight changes to Luka’s outfit for Bayonetta though, such as changing the scarf’s colors and adding a more extravagant belt buckle that's based upon her default design's earrings.

Color Practice - Lightning Farron by SlvrNightX
Color Practice - Lightning Farron

This was honestly mostly an experiment with me trying out a few different ways to change up my coloring. As well as just color practice in general. I intended to keep messing with this but I've already spent too long on it. Time to move on to my next thing.

…This is also one of the few pieces of fan art you’re going to see me do on here, haha.

The Librarian of the Dead Archives by SlvrNightX
The Librarian of the Dead Archives

"I’ve walked alongside you organics. I’ve encountered both humans, demons, and mixes of the two. Yet I find myself more comfortable within the virtual world, my home, tattered as it may be. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t help you if needed. So long as you’re reasonable about it."

Zavada is a woman whose origin is largely unknown. She lives in the virtual world, the realm of technology, and managed to survive the destruction of most of this realm during the Eight Hour War. It’s assumed she’s a type of artificially intelligent program created by someone quite some time ago and she’s taken it upon herself, as well as at the urging of Veslir, Carl, and others, to become the guardian of the Dead Archives. The Dead Archives is a large host of salvaged servers and hardware where Zavada stores all the information found of the world before the war. She’s proven to be extremely competent at this task, having full control of all the mechanical security in the archives as well as having managed to develop technology that allows her to project herself as a type of hard light structure, giving her physical contact with the real world when needed. With this technology she has physically appeared on the field of battle to fight alongside her allies numerous times, while also keeping part of her processing power in the virtual world to keep an eternal eye on the archives.



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Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've been here. Been really busy with real life as well as my tumblr page. That's been where most of my artwork has been going nowadays. But I figured it was time for me to come back to DeviantArt, at least for a bit, and post the new content I've made since I was last here. I'll probably be uploading 2 pictures a week until my page here's all caught up.

Besides that, how have you all been?

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