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Quick Sketch: NieR 2 by SlvrNightX
Quick Sketch: NieR 2

NieR is one of my absolute favorite games and I lost my mind when another was announced at E3. I lack a PS4 but since, at this time, the game is only 10% complete, I should have plenty of time to get one before its release. Couldn’t resist drawing the new protagonist due to both my excitement for the game and my genuine love for her design. Of course, since there’s yet to be a full front/back shot of her released, I could’ve gotten this all wrong.

Gonna kick myself if that happens.

Wanted to spend more time with this, but I've got other work that needs to be done and I'd rather get some of my hype for this game out of my system so I can focus better haha.
Servant of the Golden Cross by SlvrNightX
Servant of the Golden Cross

“You’re all abominations that taint our planet. You should be grateful I’m ending you all quickly.”

Vrsela Nefret is a high-ranking member of the Order of the Golden Cross, an organization that oppresses the inhuman population of the world, masking their actions behind holy words and services. Her official rank is archbishop, sharing it with six others. However, she is seen as the favorite of the High Cardinal, much to the envy of her colleagues. Some have said she desires to take the position of High Cardinal so that the order may push its anti-inhuman crusade in full force, and ignore appeasing the common masses. Vrsela’s armor draws inspiration from warriors of the distant past for its appearance, but houses several modern weapons to deal with any threat she encounters. Her halberd is more of a symbol than an effective weapon, its purpose being to frighten and intimidate those opposite of it and inspire hope and courage in those behind it.

The Inhuman Detective by SlvrNightX
The Inhuman Detective

“We barely survived the war and people still like to commit murder in the alleyways. We’ll never learn, will we?”

Sasha Ratamu is a detective for the JX City police department who, despite her often relaxed disposition, is always alert and fairly observant. Originally born in the city of Luroxion, her parents were killed during the demonic invasion of the Eight Hour War seventeen years ago and Sasha herself was critically injured. She was taken to JX City, one of the twenty one surviving human settlements after the war, and had surgery performed to save her life.

Once Sasha hit puberty, she began to develop abilities, gaining enhanced senses and healing beyond that of the average human, thus making her a human lie detector, an excellent tracker, and a durable combatant. She used to wonder why these abilities developed in the first place, but no longer gives it a second thought and simply uses them in her efforts to keep the people of JX City safe. Despite her violent past at the hands of demons, the young woman has grown up holding no grudge towards their kind, for her work as a detective has shown her humans can be as bad as demons and demons can have the heart of a saint. Unfortunately, many of her fellow officers do not share her open-minded views and become suspicious of those with any sort of unnatural qualities, forcing Sasha to keep her own abilities hidden from all except her closest friends.

Spider-Man Drawing Practice by SlvrNightX
Spider-Man Drawing Practice
Yeah, this is just a bunch of sketches I've been doing in my free time. Trying to practice and all that, and making them all into characters instead of faceless figures made it more enjoyable. Putting this up here in an attempt to...sorta kinda keep my DA alive? Pretty sure I failed in that a while ago, haha.
Quick Sketch: Hisako by SlvrNightX
Quick Sketch: Hisako
I’ve been excited for Hisako ever since she was first unveiled for Killer Instinct. Really love her design and her gameplay looks really neat. So, since she comes out in Killer Instinct today (for you lucky Ultra Edition people) I decided to do a quick picture of her.

Now I'll sit here and wait another five days so I can play as her.


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Yeah, I know it's been a while since I've been here. Been really busy with real life as well as my tumblr page. That's been where most of my artwork has been going nowadays. But I figured it was time for me to come back to DeviantArt, at least for a bit, and post the new content I've made since I was last here. I'll probably be uploading 2 pictures a week until my page here's all caught up.

Besides that, how have you all been?

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